3 Things To Know About Using Cold Caps To Save Your Hair

4 October 2017
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One of the most devastating side-effects of undergoing chemotherapy for many individuals is the loss of their hair through the chemotherapy process. Even if your hair grows back, it will take a long time to get back to the beautiful locks that you had before. A new way to save your hair when you go through chemotherapy involves the use of cold caps. Cold caps help you keep your hair by freezing it while you are undergoing chemotherapy. 

#1 Cold Caps Are A New Technique

The first thing you should know before you try to use cold caps to save your hair is that cold caps are a new technique. Cold caps have been used in Europe for a while for chemotherapy treatments and clinical trials and tests are still being run to determine how effective cold cap treatments are at saving the hair of individuals going through chemotherapy. Many individuals have had success with cold caps and saving their hair; however, there is always a risk in trying in techniques of it working differently for yourself. Some people keep all of their hair with this process, and others are able to save some of their hair. 

#2 Cold Cap Treatment Requires Special Caps

Cold cap treatment requires the use of special caps. You don't just run a towel under cold water and wrap it around your head. You have to purchase or rent caps that are designed to wrap tightly around your head. These caps are specifically designed to stay at cool temperatures for a set amount of time. These caps are kept frozen and are designed to be placed on your head for a specific amount of time. They are made to keep your head at the correct cool temperature during and after the chemotherapy process in order to save your hair.

#3 Cold Cap Treatment Requires Dedication

Cold cap treatment requires your dedication. You are going to need to wear a cold cap for a set period of time right before you start your chemotherapy treatment, during your treatment, and for a set amount of time following your treatment. You can only keep a cap on your head for a certain amount of time in order to save your hair. After that period of time passes, you need to have someone who will take of your old cap, put a new cap on your head, and chill the old cap to be used again. You have to follow a specific regimen and you will most likely need someone else's assistance with changing your caps at the appropriate time. If you don't follow the regimen correctly, you may not get the results you are looking for.

If you need to undergo chemotherapy, and you want to save your hair, look into cold cap treatments. Cold cap treatments have helped numerous individual keep or limit the hair loss they experience during chemotherapy.