3 Tips For Caring For Your Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions

22 September 2017
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Having Brazilian virgin hair extensions for your hair is a wonderful thing. Extensions that are made out of virgin hair are some of the best extensions on the market because of how healthy and beautiful the untreated hair is. These extensions are great for not only making your hair longer but also making it thicker and giving it more dimension. Because these extensions are so amazing, you want to do all that you can to take good care of them. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to extend the life of your extensions. This article will discuss 3 tips for caring for your Brazilian virgin hair extensions. 

Use Minimal Product On Them 

The more you use products on your Brazilian virgin hair extensions, the more damaged they become, so it is important that you only use products when necessary. Try not to spray too much hairspray on them, and when you curl or otherwise style them, wear those curls for a few different times. This allows your extensions to look great, without having to style and use a product on them over and over again. 

Wash Them

Just as you wash your regular hair, you will need to wash your hair extensions. However, because the hair extensions are not as oily as regular hair, you likely will not need to wash them nearly as much. When you do wash them, it is a good idea to wash them in the sink, so that you can easily wash and rinse them. Once they are clean, you can either blow them dry, if you need to wear them right away, or you can go ahead and let them air dry. Just be sure that if you do blow them dry that you place a heat protectant on them. 

Store Them Hanging Up

It is very important that you don't store your hair extensions in a drawer or other compact space that can cause them to become knotted up or otherwise tangled. This not only causes you to lose a bunch of the hair as you are trying to untangle them, but it can also cause damage to the hair causing it to bend and break off, just as natural hair does. In order to keep your Brazilian virgin hair extensions in the best condition possible, you should store them hanging up. They can be draped over a hanger, or on a special hanging mechanism that is made specifically for hair extensions. They should then be stored in a location that gives them enough space and is also clean and dry. 

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