Taming Frizzy Hair: Four Options To Manage Your Hair

17 March 2017
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Whether you have naturally curly hair or hair that is prone to being a bit more frizzy than you like, you can manage your frizz with some simple tips. Use this guide to get your frizz under control and keep your hair looking smooth and healthy.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner helps to keep your hair moisturized, which can help in the battle against frizz. Apply the conditioner after you shampoo your hair, and use it on days you don't wash your hair as well. Look for a product with shea butter or other nourishing ingredients to help keep your hair healthy and hydrated throughout the day. Shea butter has the added benefit of helping to manage dandruff, making it a good option for dry scalp as well.

Argan Oil

Argan oil can be used to tame frizz and add shine to your hair, and it may be a better option for people with thick or course hair. It can be applied as a leave-in treatment after you've washed your hair. You can also find deep conditioning masks with this oil, such as from The Moroccan Elixir, in it to treat damaged or dry hair. Be sure to read the instructions for any type of oil product you use, as using it incorrectly can leave your hair weighed down by too much product.

Sun Block

Sun block isn't just for your skin. Leaving your hair exposed to the sun can cause damage just as it can with your skin. If you'll be out and about in the sun, apply a leave-in hair treatment with SPF in it to protect your hair from drying out and becoming damaged, as this can lead to frizzy hair. Look for a treatment in a spray bottle so you can reapply the SPF to your hair easily no matter where you might be/

Split End Protection

Split ends can make frizz-prone hair look even frizzier. Have your hair trimmed regularly to avoid split ends, and take care when styling your hair. Don't use styling tools when your hair is still wet, and use a lower temperature setting when drying your hair. Talk to your stylist about other ways you can style your hair every day without causing split ends or other types of damage.

Finding the option that works best for your hair may take some time, so consider trying each idea separately so you can find the one that keeps your hair looking smooth and frizz-free.